Clerk of Circuit Court
Loudoun County Juror Portal

Gary M. Clemens
Clerk of Circuit Court

Thank you for visiting the Loudoun jury portal to register your jury questionnaire. Please be assured that the information you provide will be properly secured. Updating your information will ensure our jury process runs smoothly and will enable my team of jury management professionals to render the best service to you. Thank you for your participation in the jury system in Loudoun County.

Enter your Last Name.
Enter your Questionnaire ID # from your badge which is located on your Jury Summons.
Select your Date of Birth.
Click on the “Login” button located at the bottom.
On the next page Click on "My Service".
Click “Request a Deferment” enter “Reason” click "Request Deferment"
A representative from the jury office will contact you once the request has been reviewed by the Court or if there are any questions or additional information is required. Please verify that the jury office has your phone number and e-mail as a way to contact you.

If you have any questions, please give the Jury Office a call at (703) 777-0650.